I am Going to Do All the Challenges in Making it Season 2!

The first time I saw the show making it, I fell in love. I immediately felt like this was part of my path in life – to get to make awesome things, under lots of time pressure, and with millions of people watching? Sounds great! So, I applied to be on season 2, and made it through two rounds of interviews, but I didn’t make it ☹. season 2 reinforced for me that not only would I be great at these challenges, but it would be an experience of a lifetime.  

I have all this pent-up inspiration/jealousy that I need to get out somehow, so I have decided to do all the challenges on Making it Season 2 myself. This way, I get to experience some of the fun, work on my crafting skills and have an excuse to make fun things for me and my community! (did you know I get to design and throw a party?!) 

What You'll See

I will share my projects, experience, and some light tutorials on how I made things here – I’ll take photos, make videos, and then share it all with you! 


Some of the projects on this show are unattainable due to budget/space etc. In leu of making those projects I will be designing them in full – you will see plans, drawings, and maybe some samples if it makes sense to do so. E.g. I will not be building a shed.  However, other than the caveat above, I will be following all prompts, rules, and timelines outlined in the show, although they will not be in any specific order. I will be using materials I already have, and I’ll be utilizing the most wonderful craft thrift store Seattle ReCreative whenever I can. I am not a millionaire, and I don’t want to create unnecessary waste.  

Stay Tuned!

Stay on the look out for my first post – I made something really cool for the Episode 1 Master Craft – Make a new version of a craft you loved as a kid. Thanks for following along!